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Information For IL data handling personal (Art.13 D.Lgs 196/03) Kind Customer, wish to inform you, to the dell\ senses articulate 11 of the June D.Lgs.30 2003 no. 675, that the information from her you provide or otherwise take over ambit nell\' of the services rendered by us, will undergo treatment in full observance of the dictated fundamental princes: from the directive 95/46/CE and of D.Lgs.196/03 for the protection of the personal data; from the directive 97/66/CE and d. Lgs.171/98 for the tutelage of the privacy in the telecommunications; from the directive 97/7/CE and d. Lgs.185/99 for the protection of the consumers in the contracts at a distance; from the directive 2000/31/CE on the electronic commerce; from the directive 2002/58/CE.

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